What I can do for you.

Just a few of the many design-y things I can help you with:


- Website Content + Design
- Squarespace Setup + Assistance
- App UX/UI Development + Design
- Social Media Content Strategy + Design
- Email Marketing/Newsletter Content + Design


- Business Card Design
- Posters, Brochures, Menus, Reports + Editorial Design
- Marketing Collateral Design
- Stationery + Invitation Design
- Packaging Design


- Lettering
- Typography
- Artwork
- Illustration / Iconography
- Copywriting


- Brand Identity Development
- Logo Design
- Branding, Logo + Website Redesign
- Branding Guidelines
- Branding Rollout

Don't see what you need here? All good - get in touch and we can discuss your project requirements. I also offer packages for shiny new businesses who need branding.


Why I can do for you.

Just a few of the many reasons why I can help you:

- I'm a perfectionist with a crazy eye for detail. As Michael Jackson once said, "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" and I don't until it is 110% perfect for you.
- It's really important to me that we get totally in sync with your project, and I make it my mission to make it a seamless and fun design experience.
- I've got some great suppliers that I've handpicked to ensure that your final product is dazzling/mindblowing/beautiful.
- I keep myself updated with the latest and greatest in design trends, software and technology. You won't see no Acer PC here.
- I've loved design since I was old enough to choose paint palettes for my bedroom (which was at age 7, Purple is calming, and Lemon is happy, okay.) I live and breathe it.


How I can do for you.

Just a few steps how I can help you:


Call  me, email me, morse code - whatever works. We can also do coffee or a Skype date, and you can tell me all about your project and your goals. If you're ready to get designing, I will send you a client pack with a fun questionnaire about your project which asks all the ins and outs I need to make your project shine - there may also be a bit of homework for you as well, you lucky thing. We'll also chat about your timeframe and how we can work together to ensure everything happens without any issues or delays.


After you've completed your project questionnaire and done your homework (if applicable), I will get started on research and concepts for your project based on the direction you provided in the questionnaire/homework. I'll submit these concepts to you, we'll then chat about what you like, what you don't, and I'll make revisions on the concept you love. I'll also provide mockups and rollouts to give you a better idea on how your project will look when it's completed. It's always exciting to see the possibilities at this stage of the game.


Once you've approved the final design, I will get the ball rolling and organise the finished product for you, whether it's organising printers and getting your project delivered, handing over the keys to your new website or sending the digital files to you. We'll also do that whole money for services thing as well. Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.

This is just a neat little example to give you an understanding on the process, but it can vary project to project in terms of timeframe, budget and revisions. We'll chat about it.


Ready to start? Let's do this. 

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