Lucky Dip turned Inspiration

I'm not generally a lucky person by nature (a bird will poo on me many times before the universe even considers me lucky, and even still I am 99.9% unsuccessful when it comes to winning anything) so the thought of picking something out of a lucky dip really causes much anxiety and very little expectation. That is, until the day I picked Veronica Fuerte of Barcelona's Hey Studios out of a lucky dip to write an essay on during my time at Shillingon. 

The moment I googled Hey, I fell absolutely head over heels. I'm in love with everything they do, and how they do it so well, and so simply. For me, they do everything that I want to achieve in graphic design. Veronica Fuerte, Founder, Designer and Illustrator of the vibrant Hey Studio and I are a match made in design heaven (well I think so, anyway). Here's a bit of my essay that was then used for an art museum exhibition poster brief. I had to create a design that was original but infused the style and mind of Hey, which I've shared with you today. It's a deconstructed front view of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. See it? 

My take on a Hey Studio design.

It was one of my most challenging yet satisfying briefs (I love shapes but I don't think in shapes), and going forward from this brief, discovering Hey influenced a lot of my design process and what you see on my site today - think colour and boldness. These guys were meant to come into my life, I'm sure of it.

We don’t really have a motto.
In the end, Hey is an attitude, not just a design or an illustration.
Our work conveys this attitude which we believe should always be positive.
— Veronica Fuerte

Veronica started Hey after working in design studios after graduating from study, knowing that she had wanted to find her own style. Her style stems from her love of the modernist and universal style of the 1960’s and 1970’s, and she aims to recreate this style from another point of view.

Hey, based in Barcelona and founded in 2007, is made up of Veronica, Ricardo Jorge and Mikel Romero. Their online portfolio is brimming with bright, electric colours, geometric and grid based designs and bold type.

The studio specialises in Design, Illustration, Branding and Editorial, and they love geometry, colour and direct typography that play with the grid and strong, clear and simple visual communication. These elements are what Veronica and Hey are best known for, and what they do so damn well.

I appreciate all of these elements, whether together or alone. The mix of the brights with the bold text and shapes are distinct of the 60’s and 70’s modernist style (one of my personal favourites) but I think Veronica and the crew have effortlessly put their own spin on this style, capturing current design trends whilst still staying true to their modernist inspiration.

Standout designs include The Film Commission Chile’s visual identity, created to promote movie production in Chile, and Agenda CCCB, Barcelona’s Contemporary Art Centre’s bi-monthly events programme, for their use of simple shape graphics alongside loud colours and type that breathe life into what could otherwise be dull content. The other beautiful thing about these is the inspirations behind the designs – the humble duct tape (TFCC) and architecture (BCAC building as seen from above). Inspiration and design transcends simply with Hey Studios.

With an impressive client base including Apple, Vodafone, GE, Wall Street Journal, Film Commission Chile, CBS, Mr Porter, Monocle, Penguin Random House and Oxfam to name a few, it’s clear to see why these brands approach Veronica’s studio for energetic but modern classic designs. 

And who could not love their little EveryHey people? Some of my personal favourites include: Prince, Borat, Princess Peach and Toad, Marie Antoinette and Ace Ventura. They are too good. Check out their EveryHey Instagram to see all their character creations.

Next time - Tone of Voice in Design.

Danielle Hall